My Late Night Adventure Battling Aliens

It was 4:00 a.m. when my three year old son crawled into my bed. He said, “Stay really close to me.” I asked, “Why?” He replied, “Because I don’t want you to leave me in the car again while you go fight the aliens. I want to fight with you when they come back!” He then went into detail about the adventure we just had.

Apparently, we were out in the car driving somewhere when aliens attacked us. I told him, “Stay in the car where it’s safe. I’ll go fight the aliens.” Then I went off and tried to fight them.


Since he’s a big boy now, he didn’t want to be left in the car like a baby. He wanted to help. He said, “Mama, do you know where the aliens came from?” I said, “No” He replied with the most serious tone, “They come from… outer space.”

He advised me that aliens can’t break glass, so we are safe if we are behind glass. I asked him if he had a dream about aliens. He angrily corrected me. It was NOT a dream. It was real, and they will be back. So I need to be ready to fight them. And of course, don’t forget to stay close. I said, ok honey, you can fight with me. Now get some sleep.