Old Navy has exellent customer service

I just wanted to share a positive customer service experience…

Recently, I ordered a few school uniform items and a flag tee for my son.  I also ordered a flag tee for myself from Old Navy.  When the package arrived, I didn’t even realize at first that my tee was missing.  I just thought that I must have forgotten to add it to my cart before I checked out online.  No big deal.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I looked again at my packing slip, (yes, it took me that long!), that I realized I did order the tee.  I sent a quick email to Old Navy to tell them that the shirt was missing and they quickly offered a refund or to ship the shirt.  Not only are they shipping the shirt at no additional charge, they are refunding the shipping costs of the original order… which is way above and beyond in my book.  There was no hassle or anything.   Kudos to Old Navy.