Jewelry In Candles

A friend of mine recently signed up with a company called Jewelry In Candles. I had never heard of the company before, but since I do love candles and surprises, I thought I would give one a try.

With Jewelry In Candles, you not only get to select a candle, you also select the type of jewelry inside. You can choose a necklace, earrings, or a ring (and ring size).

I liked that I was able to pay via PayPal. That always helps with online shopping. I didn’t have to go find my credit card in order to purchase.

I placed my order on June 8, 2014. My candle order arrived yesterday, so it took a total of 10 days to arrive.

I ordered a Strawberry scented candle. Of course, I had to light it right away! I lit the candle at 5:06 pm


The scent filled two rooms, which I was happy with. At 7:23 p.m., I could see my surprise jewelry….. Look off to the left. It’s in red foil and sticking out just a little bit.


I wasn’t able to loosen it just yet, but ten minutes later, I was able to get it out!


The strawberry scent was still strong and filling 3 rooms. I was pretty excited to open my foil and see what kind of necklace was inside. They say that your jewelry can be valued between $10 and several thousand. I know that the more expensive ones are going to be rare, so I only expected the costume jewelry, which is what I received. It’s cute. I am not sure if it’s worth any more that a few dollars, but that’s ok. The candles are very nice on their own. It was very clean burning. The scent was perfect. And I am sure I can reuse the jar if I want to do so. Other candles I have had leave a lot of unused wax behind and I end up throwing it in the trash.

Once the foil cooled, which was rather quickly, here is what I found inside…


If you are interested in trying one for yourself and discovering a jewelry surprise inside, you can shop from Jewelry In Candles


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