The Magic Tree House

My son just finished first grade. This year he has really blossomed into an amazing reader. He has discovered the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. He’s already read several of the books and I was happy to buy him several for his personal collection. I was not familiar with the book series, so of course I looked it up for myself.

I found the website for the series to be an amazing resourse. Kids can create their own account and collect “stamps” by answering three questions about each book once they finish the story. (A great way to test for comprehansion skills!) They also have other games and missions that the kids can go on. My son loves it and it encourages him to keep reading!

As a parent, one of the things that I like about this series is that even though they are fictional stories, there is a lot of real history sprinkled in throughout the story. While they won’t make him an expert on anything, it’s exposure. So when he learns more about it in school, he will already have some familiarity.

The books seem to appeal to kids in grades 1 through 5, depending on reading level. With the new Third Grade Reading Guarantee that is rolling out in a few states, anything that helps parents to encourage reading and has a website to help test for comprehension is a very good thing.

To check out the series and the online games, check out


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