Holiday decorating


Grace’s Candy Topiary How-To:

Yields one topiary.

Tools and Materials

18-inch tall x 6-inch wide styrofoam cone

Dark green felt

4-5 bags candy (Grace used sugar-coated jelly fruit slices)

Spray adhesive

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Micro glitter

Ribbon for bow


1. Apply spray adhesive to felt.

2. Wrap felt around Styrofoam cone, covering completely.

3. Sort candy into colors. Cut some in half to create pattern on cone.

4. Plug in glue gun is on low setting.

5. Begin attaching first row of candy to bottom of cone.

6. Make sure all candies line up and that they extend about 1/8 inch below base of cone. Hold candy in place until it is secured to cone.

7. Start second row of candy: Apply glue toward middle, making sure they are fitting closely to the pieces below and next to it. Because of the curved shape, you’ll see some of the green felt.

8. Continue gluing candy in rows around cone all the way to the top.

9. When cone is completely covered with candy, sprinkle liberally with glitter and top with bow.


•To make the look uniquely yours, use your favorite candies.

•This is a fun project to do with kids so hold a family night and make this your DIY project.


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