January Exclusive Hostess Promotion

January is going to be an exciting month for Celebrating Home.  It’s the beginning of our new catalog and a few new product lines.  And our January Hostesses can reap the benefits!

The most exciting new product that you will want to see is our new fragrance warmers.  I am sure you have seen and heard all about our competitors who sell you a plug in burner along with some wax cubes to melt in them.  Well, we have a new twist on that idea.  Ours is similar, yet very different.  Ours has a high and low setting, you can smell it instantly, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s a water soluble gel that you can rinse off.  And you only need to use a tiny amount at a time.  If you love our stoneware, you will be happy to know that we carry fragrance warmers to match the set that you are collecting.   Your guests will love it, which will also mean higher sales and more benefits for you.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!  To top it off, we are offering 40% free to hostesses, rather than our usual 20% free.   I am currently booking for January, so please email or call me.  If you don’t live nearby, then you can also choose to host an online show.


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