FUNDRAISING – Partner with me!

Up to 50% Of All Sales Benefit Your Organization!

Do you know of or are you a part of a school, church, sports team, club, day care, youth
group or any other organization needing to raise money for a special project or need?
The successful Celebrating Home Fundraising Program may be just what you are looking
for—a FAST, FUN and EASY way to raise money!
• When you choose Celebrating Home’s Fundraising Program, up to 50% of all sales
benefit your organization—the most competitive profit margin in the industry.
• Orders are processed fast, and shipping is FREE with a minimum purchase.
• Our exclusive fundraiser products include aromatic candles, delicious dip and dessert
mixes and a variety of exciting seasonal products. These items are in addition to the
beautiful items offered in our regular product catalog.
• Receive complimentary personal service from a Celebrating Home Designer.
• Incentive prize program available as an option to help increase sales.

Partner with me! I put the BIG PROFIT and BIG FUN into FUNDRAISING!
I look forward to helping you to achieve your fundraising goals and needs.


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