It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice…


Spend just $55 with me on any of your favorite products—
and purchase your favorite Christmas item at HO-HO-HALF-PRICE!

Offer valid November 9–30, 2009

Select a gift for yourself or someone else…

  • Select a holiday item to deck the halls, walls or entryway in your home.
  • Treat yourself to that “splurge” item without breaking your holiday bank.
  • Add to a holiday tradition or collection with your HO-HO-HALF-PRICE selection.
  • Give someone a special gift—you keep an extra jingle in your pocket.

Get your HO-HO-HALF-PRICE “have-to-have” Christmas item!

Ho-Ho-Half Price Christmas Savings Offer Flier »

  • Each of these items from our 2009 Celebrating Christmas Collection provides the perfect gift choice for yourself, a family member or friend…
  • Each piece is uniquely created to make every home and holiday season more beautiful, abundant and merry—this year and in the years to come.

Don’t HO-HO-HOLD off! Contact me TODAY!


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